East Asian Archives
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East Asian Archives

EASTICA publishes a journal EAST ASIAN ARCHIVES and EASTICA newsletter every year. These publications are to be distributed to the members and the International Council on Archives (ICA).

No.1 The Inaugural Conference of EASTICA
July 7-10, 1993 Beijing, China
(published in May 1994)

No.2 The Second General Conference of EASTICA
December 5-7, 1995 Macao
(published in September 1995)

No.3 Proceedings of the EASTICA Workshop on Archives Descriptive Standards
February 18-22, 1997 Hong Kong
(published in October 1997)


No.4 The Third General Conference of EASTICA
October 14-17, 1997 Tokyo, Japan
(published in March 1998)
No.5 Proceedings: Suzhou Seminar on Archives Training and Education
September 21-24, 1998 Suzhou, China
(published in March 1999)


No.6 The Fourth General Conference of EASTICA
November 8-12, 1999 Hong Kong
(published in September 2000)

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Executive Board Meeting and the Seminar on Electronic Archives Management Strategy
29th October - 4th November 2000, Xiamen, China
(published in June 2001)

No.8 The Fifth General Conference of EASTICA
17th to 21st September 2001, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(published in November 2002)
No.14 The Eighth General Conference of EASTICA & Seminar
21st to 26th October 2007, Tokyo, Japan
(published in March 2008)

Records in Crisis Management
Setember 14-18, 2009
Qingdao, China
(published in October 2010)